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Waitin' Easter

Few days at Easter, my house is messy and we are already beginning to make this: Pastiera Napoletana
Sincerely I don't like it - it's all fault of the grain, I think -, but the smell is very good :)
Anyway, waiting to have time to devote to myself - there's many people in this time of year, at my home - and be able to scan a few pages of the new doujinshi, here is the version in black and white of the sketch that I drew a little time ago
I must draw the third page, absolutely ò_ò

Story © Red Robin
Art © My Pride

JASON © 2008MyPride/RedRobin. All Rights Reserved.
FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST © 2002Hiromu Arakawa/SQUARE ENIX. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: character: jason mustang, fandom: fullmetal alchemist, fanwork: fanart, fanwork: my comics, note: easter, pairing: roy/ed, racconto: edward in wonderland, warning: shounen ai

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