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Christmas eve lunch and dinner ♥

Here in Italy (especially here in Naples), on December 24th you eat pizza for lunch, and the pizza is usually always made by my mother. And I love my mother's pizza. Looks, it's very beautiful! (she did also parigina and "pizza con friarielli", but I haven't pictures)

IMG_20191224_151114 IMG_20191224_151104

And the night we do a lot of things to eat, like the classic "Neapolitan frying", the "spaghetti con le vongole" and other good stuffs, oh, yeah, what we have here? Also a lobster! Um, so good

IMG_20191224_224553 IMG_20191224_213433
IMG_20191225_004401 IMG_20191224_212544

And then, here my gifts! God of War comics, a Gotham mug from my friend and three ps4 games: Rise of the Tomb Raider, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Death Stranding

IMG_20191225_001640 IMG_20191224_213440

Cheers, everyone! ♥
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