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God of War: A story about father and son

A few months ago I started God of War for Playstation 4. The story of Kratos and Atreus immediately conquered me, and I played a lot to know what would happen.
The atmospheres were suggestive, the landscape was really splendid, the game graphics conquered you and the plot thickened until the final revelation. It's just a game in which a father and a son learn to know each others, between beautiful and dark moments, between hidden truths and lies... it was really a game that had everything.
Here I wanted to share some screenshots taken from the game, 'cause I'm convinced that it really deserves to be played and loved.

God of War_20190821162124 God of War_20190824131121
God of War_20190826143004 God of War_20190826180132
God of War_20190826184246 God of War_20190829135655
God of War_20190901174923 God of War_20190901180020
God of War_20190901181041 God of War_20190901181136

I can't wait for a second chapter to deepen the secret ending. I'm really sure it will be a great game (and I really hope so they will do it, 'cause we deserve it!)
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