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16 June 2015 @ 12:14 am
[FanArt] Hero of Ishval  

Hero of Ishval by 3Pride on DeviantArt

This is a particular drawing. Also the way I drew it is particular, with up and down figures of Roy and Riza.
I really love the relationship between Roy and Riza. I don't like to see them with a real couple (they're military, they can't marry because of Military Regulations. If they got married, they could no longer stay as superior officer and subordinate), but I like the deep meaning of they relationshiop. The hungarian version of Riza's name is "Thereza", and its meaning is "Guardian"; she's Roy's bodyguard, she's his eye and she cover his back. She's important, for him. And she's also the guardian of the flame alchemy for her tattoo.
The fire embodies a male principle that would make destructive actions if it weren't moderated by other elements. The mark on Roy's gloves and Riza's back recalls the very symbol of the union between fire (A triangle pointing up) and water (A triangle pointing down), which is a six-pointed star, the same union between energy and matter.
Aye, I see the union between Roy and Riza like this: an union with energy and matter.
Hope you like it! Heart

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