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My Pride
30 December 2017 @ 12:45 pm
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My Pride
07 June 2019 @ 06:21 pm
Selina's life was a troubled life. When we found her, she was a wren of just 500g, full of fleas, dirty, with a serious illness that took away her eyes; in her blindness, she had to learn to live, making mistakes and falling. We looked after her with love, we spent a lot of time, but we didn't throw in the towel even for a moment ... and now here she in her beautiful sweetness
And now, after an operation (another one at june 25th) and a year later, we seen this little creature grow that has literally struggled for her life and has given us joy and laughter
Never leave an animal in distress, let it become part of your world. The reward will be greater than you imagine

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My Pride
10 May 2019 @ 11:29 pm
Three days ago, Selina was operated to her eye. She's blind, right, but she needs constantly medical attention 'cause her fur irritates the eyelids. Now she needs to stay like this for two weeks


Get well soon, my little one!
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My Pride
02 May 2019 @ 05:09 pm
I'm back after a long time on this journal (I was really busy with things, animals, job and whatever). And I've a new haircut. Like Superboy 90s style, oh yeah

Senza titolo-1

This time I really really love it
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My Pride
14 January 2019 @ 12:07 am
Okay okay I played to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey one month ago and oh my God please I want a DLC where they’re together forever and kick asses like very spartan warriors and make love like very spartan warriors

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My Pride
From my youtube channel, how to found the secret dragon in Tree tops level
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My Pride
Batman: La strada verso casa
(Il ritorno di Bruce Wayne)

Edizione originale: Batman 703, Batman: Bruce Wayne - Road Home one shots
Edizione Italiana: Batman: La strada verso casa - Il ritorno di Bruce Wayne TP 208pp a colori, Edizione Planeta DeAgostini
Autori: Fabian Nicieza, Mike W. Barr, Pere Pérez, Javier Saltares, Peter Nguyen
Anno pubblicazione: 2010

Dopo aver affrontato la più grande di tutte le sfide, che lo ha portato addirittura a vagare lungo la corrente temporale, Bruce Wayne è riuscito finalmente a ritornare a Gotham City. Ma durante la sua assenza si sono prodotti significativi cambiamenti: Dick e Damian ora sono i nuovi Batman e Robin; Tim ha assunto il ruolo di Red Robin; e Stephanie ha ereditato il manto di Batgirl. Mentre cerca di affrontare le possibili conseguenze di un'ambiziosa inchiesta giornalistica condotta da Vicki Vale, e protetto dall'anonimato che gli conferisce il suo nuovo alter ego, l'Uomo Pipistrello originale dovrà valutare la portata dei cambiamenti sopracitati e capire come questi possano inserirsi nei suoi futuri piani...

Scan Ita c2c by My Pride
- Batman, la strada verso casa: Il ritorno di Bruce Wayne (Fabian Nicieza 2010, Scan by My Pride)
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My Pride
13 December 2018 @ 06:31 pm
Prossimamente sul forum in ordine sparso:
    »» Progetti per il Laboratorio ««
[Progetti finiti e in corso]
- Action Comics: La notte più profonda
- Batman: Barcellona - Il cavaliere del drago
- Batman: Le strade di Gotham 01
- Batman: Le strade di Gotham 02
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- Batman Rebirth 01
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- Batman Rebirth 04
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- Batman Rebirth 09
- Batman TP 01: Orca!
- Batman TP 02: Senza paura
- Batman TP 03: Colpo al cuore
- Batman TP 04: Riso amaro
- DC Universe Rebirth - Premessa
- DC Presenta: Giovani Titani 05 (serie del 2003)
- DC Presenta: Giovani Titani 06 (serie del 2003)
- DC Presenta: Giovani Titani 07 (serie del 2003)
- DC Presenta: Giovani Titani 08 (serie del 2003)
- Flash: Soldi veloci
- Flash: Questa era la tua vita, Wally West
- Giovani Titani Nuova Serie 01 (serie del 2003)
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    »» Progetti fuori Laboratorio ««
[Progetti finiti e in corso]
- Batman & Robin: Cavaliere Oscuro, Cavaliere luminoso (2011)
- Batman & Robin: Strade rosso sangue (2011)
- Batman: La strada verso casa (Il ritorno di Bruce Wayne)
- Batman: Cacofonia
- Batman: Alba dorata
- Batman/Spaventapasseri: Anno Uno
- Batman: Giudizio su Gotham
- Batman: Gotham County
- Batman: Gotham Knights
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- Batman: Li'l Gotham 01
- Batman: Li'l Gotham 02 - work in progress -
- Batman Incorporated: Stella del demone
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- Batman: Spirale Crescente
- Batman/Tartarughe Ninja I
- Batman/Tartarughe Ninja II
- Damian: Son of Batman
- DC Universe: Flash 01
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- Flash: Le storie perdute
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- Flash di Geoff Johns 04
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- Giovani Titani: Anno Uno
- Nightwing: Amore e pallottole (serie del 1996)
- Nightwing: Il lato oscuro della giustizia (serie del 1996)
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- Nightwing: Conclusione (serie del 1996)
- Superboy: Smallville attacca (serie del 2011)
- Superboy: Gli uomini vuoti (serie del 2011)
- Superman Terra Uno: Volume 02
- Superman/Batman: Nemici pubblici (serie del 2003)
- Superman/Batman: La ragazza di Krypton (serie del 2003)
- Superman/Batman: Potere assoluto (serie del 2003)
- Superman/Batman: Massima vendetta (serie del 2003)
- Superman/Batman: Nemici tra noi (serie del 2003)
- Superman/Batman: Tormento infinito (serie del 2003)
- Superman/Batman: Alla ricerca della kryptonite (serie del 2003)
- Superman/Batman: Pipistrello d'acciaio (serie del 2003)
- Superman/Batman: Il ritorno dei Metal Man (serie del 2003)
- Superman/Batman: I migliori del mondo (serie del 2003)
- Young Justice 01 (serie 1999)
- Young Justice 02 (serie 1999)
- Young Justice 03 (serie 1999)
- Young Justice 04 (serie 1999)
- Young Justice 05 (serie 1999)
- Young Justice 06 (serie 1999)
- Young Justice 07 (serie 1999)
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My Pride
17 November 2018 @ 10:52 pm
A cold day, a good breakfast, and Spyro the Dragon for playstation 4



I'm nine years old again right now. If you don't know this game, hurry up and try it!
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My Pride
29 October 2018 @ 06:03 pm
Just a moment of fun before Romics 2018 at Rome, I'm waiting for Season three of Young Justice and I hope in Wally's return (like everyone, I guess?)
You can find this outfit in the episode "Fireworks", Young Justice season one ;)

Next year I'll do Kid Flash again, yeah!
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My Pride
12 October 2018 @ 01:38 pm
Where can I start talking about this movie? The making fun of Marvel/Disney, the small details, the easter eggs or things that only people who read comics knows?
In short, I was rather skeptical, knowing the Teen Titans Go series! I asked myself how they could make a film of an hour and a half but, in the end, don't take it seriously and make the children smile. If we eliminate the stupid gags (in the worst series), it's fun. And the post-credit scene gives you hope for something else. But ... oh, God. Stan Lee cameo. Amazing.
I recommend it for an hour to laugh and I also leave a clip (who notices the Nightwing easter egg in the video wins a puppy)

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My Pride
25 June 2018 @ 08:57 pm
Twenty days ago, exactly June 05, we found this little kitty very sick, without the sight. Her eyes were so red and big and she suffered, running everywhere without knew where she was.
She was like this:


And now she is like this


We call her Selina, like Selina Kyle (Catwoman) of Batman. Like her, this cute little kitty has now a new life and she's so full of love and joy. The love for cats, dogs or other animals can do everything. So, when you find one of them, please don't look away. Save a life
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My Pride
This is just a masterlist of the comics I've scanned. If you're interested, please click on the link. Maybe I'll upload them on my community talesofsea
See ya ♥ ~

Updates with new comics scan: UNDER COSTRUCTION

[♣] Batman & Robin: Cavaliere Oscuro, Cavaliere Luminoso / Strade Rosso Sangue » 2 volumes
[♣] Batman: Cacofonia » 1 volume
[♣] Batman: Spirale Crescente » 1 volume
[♣] Batman: La strada verso casa (Il ritorno di Bruce Wayne) » 1 volume
[♣] Batman TP » 4 volumes
[♣] Batman/Spaventapasseri: Anno Uno » 1 volume
[♣] Batman: Gotham Underground » 1 volume
[♣] Batman, il Cavaliere Oscuro: Alba Dorata » 1 volume
[♣] Batman: Li'l Gotham » 2 volumes
[♣] Batman: Giudizio su Gotham » 1 volume
[♣] Batman: Gotham County » 1 volume
[♣] Batman: Le Strade di Gotham » 3 volumes
[♣] Batman: Le storie perdute » 1 volume
[♣] Batman/Tartarughe Ninja » 1 volume
[♣] Batman: Barcellona » 1 volumes
[♣] Batman: Rinascita » 5 volumes
[♣] Damian: Il figlio di Batman » 1 volume
[♣] Flash: Anno Uno » 1 volume
[♣] Flash: Un Anno Dopo » 1 volume
[♣] Flash: Le storie perdute » 1 volume
[♣] Flash: Iron Heights » 1 volume
[♣] Giovani Titani: Anno Uno » 1 volume
[♣] Giovani Titani: Nuova Serie » 7 volumes
[♣] Giovani Titani TP » 7 volumes
[♣] Superboy: Smallville attacca! / Gli uomini vuoti » 2 volumes
[♣] Superboy: The boy of steel » 5 volumes
[♣] Superman: Rinascita » 5 volumes
[♣] The Flash plus Nightwing » 1 volume
[♣] Universo DC: Rinascita (Premessa) » 1 volume
[♣] Young Justice » 7 volumes
DC COMICS © All Rights Reserved.
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My Pride
29 April 2018 @ 10:54 pm
Time ago, I buyed this fabulous action figure from Batman: Arkham Knight by crazy toys. It took me a day for finish it ahah

Arkham 2 Arkham 1

20171006_110702 20171006_110713

20171005_213639 20171005_213648

Really love this ♥
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My Pride
17 April 2018 @ 12:05 am
Well, yeah, after a long time, I'm back here too. I was very busy and I lost much time, but I wanna post again a lot of stuffs on my personal jounal. Also my community talesofsea is not offline anymore! Enjoy it and enjoy also from pictures of my cat and my dog, yeah

20180122_124331 20180117_093009

See ya very soon! ♥ ~
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