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DCeased: read it, it's amazing!

Okay, let' see, this was amazing. I didn't even notice that I had end it, the story is so fast that it doesn't give you time to dwell on what really happens or on the people who were killed that starts immediately on the focal point of the thing, save people who still haven't contracted the virus. There's no time to cry, no time to bury lovers and friends, there's just time to survive
It's quick, terrifying, it leaves you with a lump in your throat and makes you lose all hope, the world is lost, the people are zombies, most of heroes are died, and my heart wasn't ready for those pictures

DCeased01 DCeased02 DCeased03
DCeased04 DCeased05 DCeased06
DCeased07 DCeased08 DCeased09

This comic is a small masterpiece that really needed a sequel and a spin off, and I can't wait to read them in italian too!

Ethan, pictures of him ~♥

And now is his turn! This is my dog, Ethan (a different mix of breeds, between tibetan mastiff and another dog). His story is very sad, he was abandoned from his old family and we taked him when he was just three months old. It was hard to grow him, but look at him now! A big great doggo three years old!

IMG_20200627_090640.jpg IMG_20200531_090812.jpg
IMG_20200320_091421.jpg IMG_20200528_100750.jpg

My little sunshine ~♥
Say Cheese!

Party night ~♥

The night of my birthday, we did a little party, we bought pizza and panuozzo (it has the shape of a big bread, prepared with the same pizza dough... it's traditional here at Naples) with salsicce e friarielli, and my sister did the cakes. Red fruit cheescake for me (God, I really loved the cheesecake!) and also ciambellone ~♥

IMG_20200627_201530.jpg IMG_20200627_201550.jpg
IMG-20200627-WA0029.jpg IMG-20200627-WA0031.jpg

And then, for presents, I had also comics ahaha yeah, I love comics, especially Batman

IMG_20200626_165303.jpg IMG_20200622_135917.jpg

We had a lot of fun (even my dog eated something good ahah) and I was really happy ~♥