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Some screenshots of Devil May Cry 5

Some random screenshots of Devil May Cry 5. Two years ago (and I started this only in November? Oh, my)
Anyway,it was a great story, I loved Nero and V, but specially Nico and Griffon, and the Vergil DLC was good to play another character with other powers. I want a Devil May Cry 6 with all the sons of Sparda together again, and I want too see Sparda too!

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5f1356cc-f97f-441e-b908-2db1da7574ee.jpg 64d540ce-0b03-4ee0-a455-096f7a059b41.jpg
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770385c1-45f3-4d3a-ae1e-def931331d3d.jpg 9208e6c6-6ea4-4fa6-a913-66644d0d6a66.jpg

Please, Capcom, go ahead and make us dream!
Say Cheese!

Comics on the road ~♥

Well, DCeased saga continue! I think I'm in love with this saga, Tom Taylor is the best. The story is amazing evem if this is just a spin-off, and I'm waiting for Dead Planet also here in Italy. June is waiting for me!


And, well, time ago I buyed these two too!


Someday I'll buy even Death Metal ~♥