Please, stay safe!

Thanks to the newspapers and articles of the Ministry of Health, I'm following the case of this new coronavirus that has affected almost the whole world.
The news are so many, some troubling and some safer, but there is also a lot of panic in my area because of this virus (maybe someone see the videos of supermarkets emply). I hope that all of you are okay and that the situation is not too problematic.
Please stay safe, don't panic but also don't underestimate this disease. See ya!

Christmas lunch ♥

And this was the lunch for Christmas! Mozzarella, olive, lupini (the yellow things in the bowl), and also a lot of variety of salumi and cheeses... this just for starter

IMG_20191225_140728 IMG_20191225_140354

So, let's continue with the rice. My family ate risotto with seafood, but I don't like it very much so I ate some rice made by me with smoked salmon, carrots, avocado and even corn. It was very good. Oh, and also fish and chips!

IMG_20191225_150908 IMG_20191225_153445

Holidays with my family are also good, hope I can do things like this year after year ♥

Christmas eve lunch and dinner ♥

Here in Italy (especially here in Naples), on December 24th you eat pizza for lunch, and the pizza is usually always made by my mother. And I love my mother's pizza. Looks, it's very beautiful! (she did also parigina and "pizza con friarielli", but I haven't pictures)

IMG_20191224_151114 IMG_20191224_151104

And the night we do a lot of things to eat, like the classic "Neapolitan frying", the "spaghetti con le vongole" and other good stuffs, oh, yeah, what we have here? Also a lobster! Um, so good

IMG_20191224_224553 IMG_20191224_213433
IMG_20191225_004401 IMG_20191224_212544

And then, here my gifts! God of War comics, a Gotham mug from my friend and three ps4 games: Rise of the Tomb Raider, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Death Stranding

IMG_20191225_001640 IMG_20191224_213440

Cheers, everyone! ♥

God of War: A story about father and son

A few months ago I started God of War for Playstation 4. The story of Kratos and Atreus immediately conquered me, and I played a lot to know what would happen.
The atmospheres were suggestive, the landscape was really splendid, the game graphics conquered you and the plot thickened until the final revelation. It's just a game in which a father and a son learn to know each others, between beautiful and dark moments, between hidden truths and lies... it was really a game that had everything.
Here I wanted to share some screenshots taken from the game, 'cause I'm convinced that it really deserves to be played and loved.

God of War_20190821162124 God of War_20190824131121
God of War_20190826143004 God of War_20190826180132
God of War_20190826184246 God of War_20190829135655
God of War_20190901174923 God of War_20190901180020
God of War_20190901181041 God of War_20190901181136

I can't wait for a second chapter to deepen the secret ending. I'm really sure it will be a great game (and I really hope so they will do it, 'cause we deserve it!)