Poke ~♥

I really like do things like this. especially Hawaiian poke (although I do them a little my way)
So: corn, smoked salmon, tuna, sesame seeds, salad and rice with teriyaki sauce and a little soy sauce. Oh, and also a little bottle of sake


It was good ♥
Little Love

Vegetarian chique ~♥

Sometimes I like to cook and I experiment with a few things (even if I'm not really good at cooking, but I know how to do something)
This is a vegetarian chique with carrots, zucchini, corn, eggs, salad and cabbage


And, okay, maybe isn't so nice to look... but it was really good!

Poke salmon ~♥

I'm on diet (I lost a lot of weight, finally) and tonight I prepared a very healthy dinner. A pke with smoked salmon, avocado, carrots, rice, corn and zucchini


I put also some teriyaki sauce, and, goood, it was so good!
I'll do it again next time